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Executive Functioning Coach/ Writing Coach


Hi there, I’m Vibha. I have worked in Education for over 10 years and am obsessed with the English language in all its intricacies, and with time management and tasking!

I grew up in the United Kingdom and moved to the United States as a teenager. I attended college in New York City, majoring in English Language and Literature for my Undergraduate degree and continued my studies to pursue a Master’s in Education. Realizing that I had so much to reflect on with my own educational journey, I then went on to complete a doctorate in International Education. My dissertation, a comparative analysis of the impact of standardized testing on cognitive rigor and instruction between the United States and the United Kingdom, was published in an International Education Journal. I am also a published author in several academic peer-reviewed education journals and remain an active writer in education.


Throughout my Master’s program and for six years thereafter, I taught at Pace University supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD/ADHD, and various neurodivergent presentations in Executive Functioning, Writing, and Composition. I enjoyed working with students 1:1, forming relationships, and supporting them in achieving success in their college journeys. I further enhanced my training by transitioning to the public school environment while pursuing my doctorate. I realized that many of the skills that I acquired in supporting students with neurodiverse challenges prepared me for the wide array of learning styles in the middle and high school arena. I taught in the NYC Public School System for seven years, obtained tenure, and developed my skills to become an instructional coach and writing coordinator. Most of my teaching experience was centered on supporting students with learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and English Language Learners. I continued teaching remotely throughout the Pandemic and became a Certified Online Instructor (COI), to further enhance my instructional pedagogy.


With experience as a Certified Online Coach combined with years of experience as a writing coach, I can break down prompts, engage in brainstorming sessions, and develop essay outlines using a collaborative approach - all of these aspects of the writing process embedded with an ndividualized learning approach have resulted in learners feeling more comfortable and successful in ccomplishing their writing goals. I am passionate and driven in providing an authentic coaching experience for all learners by executing a framework of personalized coaching. The journey of growth and development starts with meeting learners where they are - I strongly value and embody this process of building from the ground up.


I believe rapport-building is key to connecting with students and enhancing their social-emotional learning skills. My strengths include personalizing instruction, building relationships, and collaborating with students. I believe that we all have our idiosyncrasies and once we tap into our behaviors and how we best learn, we can be on the road to success while optimizing ourselves. 

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