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Learning Specialist and Writing/Literacy Specialist


Hi everyone—my name is Stephen, and I’m a lifelong educator who has more than 20 years of experience. My journey as an educator includes university and community college instruction (and advocacy, advising, and academic support) and academically supporting middle, high school, and college students (many with varying learning differences). At the college level, I've taught English courses for 20+ years and supported students (and student-athletes) through Athletic Academic Support services and Writing Centers at multiple campuses. I studied Shakespearean literature in Stratford-upon-Avon, so I’ve also been credentialed to teach literature and theater courses.

As a Learning Specialist, I've worked in clinical settings where I developed educational plans and used proven, research-based methods to develop educational programs and support. I’ve also worked independently with students with learning differences in homeschool and school settings, supporting students across the curriculum, from content to comprehension and from writing to study skills-- always utilizing an individualized approach that best suits the needs of each student and his or her learning style. Many of these students were highly competitive athletes, so I fully understand the expectations and necessity for these students to find a balance between academics and athletics. I’ve worked in the Learning Resource Center at a prestigious boarding school for athletes from across the world, supporting student-athletes with learning differences while also teaching English courses. I was also responsible for intake of students into the program, using evaluations to develop learning plans and to ensure students get testing and classroom accommodations.

My strengths are in helping students become stronger readers and writers, but more importantly, helping them build and strengthen essential academic and executive functioning skills so they can thrive in the classroom. I help students plan, organize, and develop plans so that they can achieve academic success. I use a holistic and individualized approach so that each student understands their respective learning style or difference (and how this impacts them in the classroom and on the field/court/etc) and work to find the best approach(es) I can take as a specialist to help them thrive academically. I am Lindamood-Bell certified and trained in other programs, such as Orton-Gillingham and the Wilson Reading System. All the while, I use all of my experiences and continue to evolve as a support educator so that I can always meet students where they are to help build confidence so they can find success in the classroom.

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