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Educational Therapist


Hello, I'm Stephanie, an Educational Therapist who specializes in literacy. I've been providing one-on-one instruction to learners of all ages in Los Angeles and New York City for over thirteen years. During this time, I've become an expert in implementing multiple structural literacy intervention programs, including Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes and Wilson Reading Systems.

I love working with my students every day and bringing an array of creative, engaging, and play-based methods to my sessions. To help them achieve deep learning, I encourage my students to draw from their own lives and experiences and make meaningful connections to their lessons. I also provide compassionate mentorship, which is especially important for twice-exceptional and struggling learners who inspire me to continuously add new research-based strategies to my toolkit.

My main goal is to help all my students reach their potential through individually tailored learning sessions in reading, math, executive functioning, and more. I also recognize that learning is a complex and emotional experience for many, so I'm also versed in providing social-emotional interventions.

Fostering greater print and global literacy is my passion, and I truly believe that the world needs more bookworms! I'm extremely committed to this cause, and I do everything in my power to make sure my students share in this passion.

Overall, being an Educational Therapist has been an amazing journey for me. I'm honored to work with such bright and unique minds every day, and I look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in the lives of those I work with.

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