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Learning Specialist + EF Coach (Specialty in Twice-Exceptional Learners)

M.S., LS

My name is Sean, and I have sixteen years of experience in education, both here in the US and in Ireland. After graduating with a B.Sc in 2003 from the National University of Ireland, Galway, I spent seven years teaching medical students (doctors/nurses) while at the same time researching an M.Sc in Anatomy with a focus on tissue engineering. 


Since 2010, I have worked in Los Angeles in a broad spectrum of educational settings requiring a high level of compassion and awareness, from performing arts charter schools to orthodox religious schools. Since 2015, I have worked solely at Bridges Academy, a school dedicated to twice-exceptional students with moderate to severe learning differences, and I now serve as their department chair for all of science and math. I consistently collaborate with other teachers and allied professionals to create an inclusive, engaging, and interactive science and math learning environment. Furthermore, as a STEM Learning Specialist and Executive Functioning Coach, I aim to help students with a variety of learning profiles use strategies, tools, and hacks to deepen learning, thrive in their educational settings, and remain true to themselves. Additionally, I take pride in teaching them communication and self-advocacy skills so that their intellectual uniqueness can be appreciated by all.


I am endlessly interested and excited by the process of guiding students to develop the skills necessary to make connections and enjoy the learning process. and find that with the right techniques, rapport-building, and compassionate support, any student’s academic life can be greatly enhanced.

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