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Educational Therapist


My name is Naomi, and I have been an educator for over 18 years. I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis on Child Development, and I am a certified Educational Therapist. While I have been trained in the Orton-Gillingham methodology and am a Structured Literacy Specialist, my background in both psychology and education has provided me with a unique understanding of children and adolescents. I am profoundly passionate about helping children with learning differences learn how to learn, and believe wholeheartedly in taking an eclectic approach.

I firmly believe in Dr. Sherman’s cerebrodiversity in relation to learning differences. This is the understanding that not all brains are alike, thus it is crucial for a child to be able to access the full curriculum by using different teaching methods that make more sense within their specific learning styles.

As an Educational Therapist, I provide comprehensive and individualized academic instruction using up-to-date research-based methods and materials, incorporating programs that are visual, auditory and tactile - proven to be effective with both students with dyslexia, as well as those with a broad range of learning differences.

I am trained to help children with all different types of learning differences including, but not limited to, dyslexia, dysgraphia, executive skills deficits and test anxiety just to name a few. When a child has a learning difference, it is not that they need just a hand to hold along the way, but tools and strategies to better help them succeed and reach their full learning potential. I am here to be your child’s advocate and supporter, making sure to communicate with their teachers and school to help ensure their individualistic learning needs are being met.

In my work inside and outside of the classroom, I have experienced great success in enhancing my students’ academic and social-emotional lives by utilizing the most current techniques. No matter the issue, my main goal is to help children become autonomous and confident learners. I believe whole-heartedly in unlocking the potential in every learner!

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