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Educational Therapist

M.S, CHt, ET

My name is Monica and I have had the privilege of working with students for the past decade, first as a School Psychologist and as an Educational Therapist. My journey in education has been guided by a passion for nurturing young minds and facilitating their holistic development.

Armed with a Master’s degree in School Psychology and a Professional Graduate Certificate in Educational Therapy, I am committed to staying at the forefront of my field. As a proud member of the Association of Educational Therapists, I continually seek opportunities for growth and enhancement. My expertise extends to Executive Function Coaching and hypnotherapy, alongside specialized training in Lindamood-Bell's Seeing Stars and the Orton-Gillingham Reading Intervention.

I specialize in supporting students with a diverse range of learning needs, including but not limited to, visual and auditory processing disorders, attention-related challenges (ADHD), Executive Functioning difficulties, Autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, emotional disturbances, and other health impairments. My approach is deeply rooted in evidence-based methodologies, and I am dedicated to tailoring interventions to meet each student's unique requirements.

Beyond conventional techniques, I integrate complementary practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and progressive relaxation into my sessions. Recognizing the profound impact of a student's emotional state on their learning journey, I prioritize creating a conducive environment in which they can transition from states of stress to relaxation, paving the way for meaningful engagement and growth.

As an Educational Therapist, my mission is to empower students to unlock their full potential, both academically and beyond. I am committed to fostering a supportive partnership with you as parents, working collaboratively to ensure your child's success. Together, we will celebrate their strengths, navigate challenges, and equip them with invaluable strategies to thrive in all aspects of their educational journey.

I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to work with students and contribute to their growth and development.

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