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Educational Therapist


Hello, I’m Mily!

My work experience consists of assisting young children with various special needs in different capacities within elementary public schools, private schools, home settings, and the community. I have 10 years of professional work experience within the realm of special education. I’ve worked primarily with children who have ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, and other cognitive deficits. I’ve also worked with adults that have special needs and severe disabilities such as spastic cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, and other delays.

Most recently, I worked with several different families during the pandemic in order to provide academic, social, and emotional support for children with special needs. This is where I first came to learn about educational therapy and how instrumental its role was during that time. I was greatly inspired seeing how Educational Therapists worked with students in order to remediate learning challenges all while building resilience. I came to understand that I had been providing students with Educational Therapy services while also coming into my own within the Association of Educational Therapists. 

In terms of my education, I graduated with my M.A. in Teaching Elementary Education from Liberty University. My educational background also consists of post graduate studies in special education for the deaf and hard of hearing through Cal Lutheran University. In the future, I hope to also work with students who may exhibit auditory processing disorders, as I love working with these students to enhance their academic performance. Furthermore, I also plan on continuing my education and taking professional development courses that relate relatively well and closely to the field of Educational Therapy; I consider myself a life-long learner!

I know how to reach kids with learning differences because I was that student in elementary school who would have greatly benefited from an Educational Therapist. Learning requires multi-modalities, and teaching cannot be done with a one-size-fits-all approach. My experience and relatability is one of the core reasons I care so much about bringing joy to the children and families I work with. It’s my mission to create optimal learning experiences for all learners, and as an Educational Therapist, I will not only impact these young lives, but also empower them by helping them achieve their own successes.

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