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Learning Specialist


Hello, my name is Michele. I have 20 years experience in the field education, and have provided my services in after-school programs, supplemental education, teaching, tutoring, and Educational Therapy. I earned my BA in Liberal Studies from California State University, Northridge, and then went on to attain my Masters of Science in Advanced Teaching Practices at National University. Loving classroom instruction, I currently spend the school day as a 6th grade Math and Science teacher in DTLA, while concurrently working toward my Educational Therapy certification from the University of California Riverside and seeing Illuminate Students for Learning Specialist sessions. 


My breadth of experience includes working with students in a whole group classroom setting, small group intervention, and 1:1 support. Specifically as a teacher and Learning Specialist/Educational Therapist, I have been able to modify curriculum to accommodate all learning modalities. In my work with students, I utilize multiple means of representation such as manipulatives, multisensory instruction, hands-on objects, realia, visuals, technology, reteaching, providing explicit instruction, and showcasing examples to guide the learning process. In all of my years in Special Education, I have found that accommodating various learning differences in and out of the classroom is an individualized experience for each student; additionally, what may work for one student may not necessarily work for another student. My ultimate goal when working with any student is to accommodate individualized learning styles with care, attention, and the fostering of self-confidence. I am passionate about working with children and enjoy providing a personalized and targeted educational approach for our students.

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