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NILD Educational Therapist & Executive Functioning Coach


While studying abroad in Greece in 2012, I began voluntarily teaching English to refugees, and realized that education is my passion. That year, I graduated with a Master of Arts in Management, but immediately enrolled in a Master of Arts in Teaching program.  


A year later, while working as an ESL instructor and literacy intervention specialist, I discovered the joy of being an advocate and coach for those who face significant challenges, and I found that one of the most rewarding experiences is witnessing the incredible changes that can happen in the life of a student with learning disabilities when he or she finally receives the right support. Thus, I pursued a post-graduate certification in Educational Therapy through the National Institute of Learning Differences (NILD) and began working as an Educational Therapist.


In addition to being in private practice at Illuminate, I am also concurrently working as an Educational Therapist at a private school and have enjoyed my sessions with students in 2nd through 12th grade. I take my time to carefully analyze the way a student thinks and determine the skills that they need to develop. Then, I use my creativity and training to address a student’s unique needs in the way that works best for them. It is my goal to strengthen deficits caused by specific learning disabilities, to manage students' struggles with executive functioning support, and to equip students for academic success with personalized intervention plans. I have seen tremendous changes while working with students with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia. Students who formally would not even attempt to write a paper, are now writing 5 pages with ease and confidence. Students who were failing in math were able to strengthen their foundational conceptual knowledge in a way that allowed them to finally thrive in their math classes. Students who struggle with executive functioning are now excitedly showing me their schedules for the week and sharing with me their newfound strengths in taking charge of what is on their plates.  


My desire is for everyone to have the opportunity to pursue his or her dreams, no matter what learning obstacles may face a person; using one’s strengths to fortify stretches, a student can truly overcome any barriers. As one who truly believes that the world needs people who think differently, I simultaneously strive to show students their unique, important gifts, and challenge them to believe that, with effort and support, they can do anything. 

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