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Educational Therapist


Hey there I'm Kim, and I have been working in the field of education for 10 years while focusing on educational therapy for the past five.

I grew up in Sherman Oaks, California and currently live there with my husband and two young sons. After graduating from high school, I attended college at CSUN, majoring in Psychology. Once I completed my BA in Psychology, I worked in the behavioral therapy field where I frequently found myself in special education classrooms working with a variety of students with multiple needs. During this time, I realized that working with students with learning disabilities was my passion. As such, I enrolled in the CSUN’s Michael D. Eisner College of Education, where I earned my Special Education Teaching Credential.

Part of my training as a teacher was spent at Chime Middle School in Woodland Hills, which is highly acclaimed for the development and implementation of a unique model of inclusive education.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed working with the special education population and found the work to be rewarding and invigorating, I felt that I would be able to benefit students on a deeper level if I provided one-to-one therapy. In order to pursue this, I once again returned to CSUN to complete my Masters in Educational Therapy. I also worked at the Kaiser Watts Counseling and Learning Center as an Educational Therapy Intern where I had the unique opportunity to help incredible clients from the community at no cost who might not be able to afford educational therapy services otherwise. My time spent at Kaiser was rich in many ways and helped to refine my remediation skills to therefore approach each client in a multifaceted, skilled manner.

As a Professional Member of the Association of Educational Therapists, I continue to engage with each student utilizing patience, optimism, and enthusiasm, and am always eager to learn about new and valuable approaches to better meet the needs of my students.

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