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Learning Specialist & EF Coach


Hello, and good day to you! After receiving my Bachelor of Arts in English from DePaul University in Chicago, IL, I then went on to receive my Master of Science in Secondary Education from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA. I am a certified teacher and served as a high school English teacher with a focus on mindfulness meditation in the classroom and compassionate communication. Currently, I sit on the Board of Trustees for our local Waldorf School, and I actively participate in our vision to build more sustainable and inclusive communities. I have most recently acted as an Educational Leader for a team of Executive Function Coaches serving students with learning differences from early childhood through adulthood. 


My deepest passion is to support learners in their blossoming and to collaborate with families and caregivers to support their continued growth. I take a holistic and whole-person approach with my clients, and I love to work with youth on self-advocacy, emotional regulation, and organizational strategies. As a trained Executive Function Coach, I use a strength-and skills-based approach to ease clients into a deeper understanding of their unique capacities so they can learn to both self-reflect and to take effective action in support of their own growth and learning development. Moreover, I also specialize in supporting students in the areas of reading comprehension and written expression/the writing process. Writing incorporates a symphony of reading and executive functioning skills, and I enjoy scaffolding my students toward being effective readers and writers in and out of the classroom. I also aim to assist my clients in developing patience, trust, and balance so they can thrive in their academic and personal lives. 


I fully embrace connection with nature and the arts. It brings me great joy to get my hands dirty growing a variety of organic vegetables and flowers. Our family farm is locally known for our organically grown dahlias and hard-neck garlic! I find soulful expression in dancing, writing, drawing, and cooking with my loved ones.

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