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Educational Therapist


Hello and salutations! I began my career in social work after completing a Clinical Master’s degree from Walla Walla University in Washington State. I draw my compassion and understanding of children from my work in the foster care system. While working with this underserved population, I was exposed to a very wide range of behavioral challenges, home situations and levels of capable learning. The biggest lesson I learned is that children are incredibly resilient with the right support and engagement from the adults in their lives. 


Through my own child’s educational experience, I observed a massive void in the support of children with learning differences. The pandemic especially underscored the need for learner support, as many children had difficulty acclimating to distance learning and then going back to the classroom setting. I noticed that many students are truly missing critical foundational skills in their learning. Seeing a need, I worked tirelessly on and off campus with children who struggled during COVID life to help identify gaps in their education, develop educational plans, and help bolster their deficits so they could function successfully in the classroom. That first year of working with students, all of my students returned to full independence in the classroom. 

After pursuing additional training, I received certification as an Educational Therapist through the National Institute for Learning Development. I have since had experience working with children, from kindergarten age through middle school, who struggle with ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism and developmental delays. 

As an Educational Therapist, I strive to meet each child where they are socially, intellectually, physically and behaviorally. I enjoy helping them find their “buy-in” so that they take ownership of their education. Every child deserves to be an independent learner who feels confident in their educational skills. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help your child grow and reach their full potential.

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