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Learning Specialist


Hello, I’m Jessica! I’ve devoted the majority of my professional life to providing recreational and academic services for children since graduating in 2006 from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a B.A in Communication Studies. I began my journey guiding students with special needs in the town of Mammoth Lakes where I worked as a Speech Therapy Paraprofessional, primarily helping ELL students, children on the Autism spectrum, and children with processing challenges. Additionally, I have extensive experience with homeschooling, and enjoy fostering nontraditional learning environments for students who participate in alternative education modalities.

After moving back to Los Angeles, I began working with an incredible 30-year veteran Educational Therapist, who provided me with mentorship in various programs, including the SMARTS Executive Functioning approach, remedial math concepts, and reading methods composed by Lindamood-Bell and Orton-Gillingham. I then attended an Orton-Gillingham training to advance my knowledge, and specialize in teaching reading to both emerging and struggling readers. I am currently enrolled in the Educational Therapy Certificate program through UC Santa Cruz, and am eager to continue supporting students who face learning difficulties at any level. 

“You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.” 


I believe that each individual has a specific style of learning, and the often fast-paced mainstream classroom is not able to cater to all needs. I am passionate about utilizing a multi-sensory teaching approach, helping students understand their learning styles, and guiding them to become more at ease with the writing process. I meet my students where they are at with care and understanding, while providing an appropriate level of challenge. It is exceedingly rewarding to witness the growth of a student and, even more so, the confidence that goes along with it!

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