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Educational Therapist

M.Ed., MA. ET

Hi there, I'm Jennifer.

I hold my Masters in Education from City University of New York and my Masters in Educational Therapy from California State University at Northridge. I have two decades of experience teaching and intervention with elementary, middle, and high school students with varied learning profiles. Currently, I am employed as Director of Support Services at a small private school in Los Angeles when I am not working 1:1 with students during the after-school hours. Prior to this, I have served as an Upper School Director, a Lower & Middle School Director, and an Academic Support Services Coordinator -- all at prestigious private schools in Los Angeles.

I have a wide range of experience in the field of special education and teaching, including the implementation of intensive learning plans and accommodations for students with learning differences, student observations, parent and teacher training focused on neurodiversity, coordination of support services, design of middle school remedial reading, literacy, language arts curriculum design, and reading remediation.

I have also completed training in Special Education Law and Advocacy and am a certified Wilson Reading System instructor and Dyslexia Practitioner. Moreover, I am also trained in LindaMood Bell's Visualizing/Verbalizing and Seeing Stars programs, as well as writing programs such as Step Up to Writing, Jane Schaffer Method, and the University of Kansas writing methods.

I excel at teaching student skills and acting as an executive functioning coach, teaching students how to calendar, manage time, and follow-through on tasks in order to become autonomous, accountable students.

In my spare time, I am an avid reader who enjoys both yoga and meditation practice.

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