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Educational Interventionist


I began serving my educational community very early in my academic career. I supported my peers and younger students in Math, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, and the Spanish language all throughout my schooling. During my undergraduate years at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), I served as a Research Assistant at the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education. I assisted with conducting, collecting, and transcribing culturally sensitive interviews of Spanish-speaking Latina mothers and young adult daughters, and first-generation undergraduate students. I also supported first-year undergraduate students to navigate their first year of college as a Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP) - Student Mentor at the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). 


I graduated with a BA in English Language and Composition with a Minor in Education from UCSB. Since graduating, I’ve continued to serve my Southern California community as an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Student Assistant, ESL, and Math tutor. I have gained expertise working with neurodiverse students with a history of trauma, ADHD, reading difficulties, processing disorders, socio-emotional-behavioral challenges, and English Language Learners. 


I fortuitously stumbled upon the field of Educational Therapy after years of utilizing compensatory strategies with my students to overcome learning challenges. I seek to demystify the learning process by creating a safe, mindful, culturally-sensitive learning space where students are able to tap into their greatest potential, develop critical thinking abilities, build their executive functioning skills, and cultivate a sense of self-advocacy. I value building meaningful real-world connections with the instruction and interventions in my sessions. I strongly believe in the power of knowledge, and the equitable access to education. 


In my free time, I enjoy catching up on research-based instruction & interventions, learning about history, reading, running, doing martial arts, playing with my dogs (Shadow & Galileo), spending time with my family, and enjoying California’s beautiful outdoors. 

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