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Reading/Literacy Specialist


Hi! I am Dr. Holly, and I am an Orton Gillingham Associate Certified Reading/Literacy Specialist. I have taught children and adults for over 20 years. 

I believe in the growth mindset, where every child can be successful if they believe their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. Giving the learner the correct tools and resources to succeed is also essential.

I have a Doctorate in Educational Leadership/Curriculum Design from the University of Southern California.

My teaching focuses on using the Orton- Gillingham Approach, which is especially effective for learners with Dyslexia and beginning readers. My multisensory phonics curriculum is customized and modified for each learner, based on their assessment results. I work at a pace that the learner is comfortable with and informally assess the learning on an ongoing basis to gauge progress.

I also include the cultural background and interests of the student in my lessons to engage the student and make them feel that they can connect to the material they are learning. I do include reading comprehension, sight words, handwriting, syllabication, decoding and encoding and spelling in all my lessons.

My students become independent and feel proud of their literacy skills while reaching their short- and long-term reading goals.

I love teaching reading and writing to all types of learners and they enjoy the lessons too!

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