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Educational Therapist


Hey there, I'm Gina. I have over a decade of experience working in the field of education with students ranging from three months through middle school age. I have worked as a teacher in both general education and special education, a tutor, and an educational therapist. Most recently I was working at Ivy Academia where I was the case manager and resource teacher for students who qualify for special education and am continuing to do the same work at Larchmont Charter.

I came into this work serendipitously. While trying to figure out what direction I wanted to take in college I began volunteering at my old elementary school. I worked with students who were struggling and helped them build foundational skills in reading. I fell in love with this work and took any opportunity to continue this work. As a teacher I am committed to making education accessible and equitable for all students. I meet my students where they are and I make learning relevant, relatable, and meaningful.

I attended California State University Northridge. There I earned a BA in Child and Adolescent Development with minors in Art and Psychology, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, an Education Specialist Credential, and an MA in Educational Therapy. My education at CSUN focused on creating inclusive learning environments and reimagining how to access learning.

When I am not teaching I love soaking up the sun by being in nature or sitting on the beach. I enjoy going on walks around the city, rock climbing, cooking, photography, drawing, and playing board games and card games. I like listening to music and slam poetry and love going to live shows and open mic nights.

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