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Educational Therapist & Executive Functioning Coach


Hello! I am Gabriela! I have served my community as an educator and disability advocate for almost a decade now. My educational background is in psychology, human development, and instructional design. I received a Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences in 2016 and completed a Master of Education in Learning and Instructional Design in 2021. The breadth of my educational experiences has enriched my work as an Educational Therapist.

I have extensive experience with children and their families in many capacities both professionally and in my personal life through my volunteer work. I have done it all from teaching STEAM to grade-schoolers, to supporting students in whatever areas need fortification. I love working with students from elementary school all the way up until adulthood, and the students I work with have learning profiles that include ADHD, ASD, 2e learners, processing disorders, EF needs, dyslexia, gaps in math foundational skills, disorders of written expression, reading comprehension weaknesses, anxiety, depression, and more. Over the last couple of years, my focus and dedication has been on providing one-to-one academic support at a prestigious Los Angeles private school to students who struggle with Executive Functioning skills.

I am a strong believer in inclusive education. My goal is to provide each student with the skills and support they need to be successful inside and outside of the classroom. I love helping students feel confident in themselves and their abilities.

I currently live in the San Fernando Valley, with my sons. In my free time, I enjoy riding my bike and exploring hiking trails with my kids. I look forward to working with you and your family!

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