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Educational Therapist, EF Coach, Parent Coach

MA ET, M/M SPED TC, I.P. Ph.D SPED Leadership

Hi there, I'm Emily!

My educational journey is marked by my passion for nurturing young minds. I hold a B.A. in Speech Therapy, a master’s degree in Educational Therapy (ET), a Mild/Moderate Special Education teaching credential cleared through UCLA, and am finishing up a Ph.D in Special Education Leadership. My research delves into the profound impact of parental attachment on children’s learning. Additionally, I hold a Professional-level certification through the Association of Educational Therapists.

My career path is a tapestry of diverse roles, highlighting my leadership in education. I have worked as a Speech Therapist, an Educational Therapist in the South Bay and Beverly Hills areas of Los Angeles, and as a Behaviorist. Additionally, I have been a special education teacher and an executive functioning coach for the Beverly Hills School District for nearly a decade where I’ve worked with students in the TK-12th grade.

My hallmark lies in crafting tailored curricula that harness each child’s distinct interests and strengths, nurturing their full potential while making learning an enjoyable journey. What truly sets me apart is my ability to cultivate an atmosphere of warmth, love, and respect, forming the bedrock of safety and security that every child deserves.

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