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Learning Specialist/Executive Functioning Coach


Hi there, my name is Daniel. I’ve worked in education for the better part of a decade, and in varying capacities. In the states of Texas and Washington, I taught ELA, English Language Learning, and Special Education while instructing a diverse student body. Most of my teaching revolves around middle, high school, and college-aged groups. I have also coached students/ adults one-on-one in developing their executive functioning skills. 


When it comes to teaching, I try to implement student-centered approaches to instruction. I believe students can bring a lot of knowledge and depth to their learning, so empowering them through that process stands as a priority. I also believe in equitable teaching practices and curriculum, particularly where culture and identity are concerned. Lastly, I believe in helping students develop critical-thinking skills through inquiry-based lessons and self-reflective activities.


In addition to my work in Special Education, I am also passionate about music. As such, I am a doctoral student at the University of California, Riverside where I study ethnomusicology, or the anthropological study of music. My current research relates to music’s role and function in schools and communities affected by conflict and violence. I plan to conduct fieldwork next year as a teacher.

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