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STEM Learning Specialist/Executive Functioning Coach


Hi there, I'm Brian! I graduated from Pomona College where I received my B.A. in both Mathematics and Psychology. During my time at Pomona, I worked as a Psychology research assistant, working with adolescents in a research lab and also shadowed as a tutor/mentor at a progressive elementary school.


Currently, I specialize in tutoring all STEM topics, including Math through AP Calculus and AP Statistics as well as working with 2E (Twice-Exceptional) students. I have worked with a wide range of students with various learning differences, including dyslexia, dysgraphia processing weaknesses, and ADHD.


I also enjoy teaching Executive Function skills, including time management, planning and chunking work, managing test anxiety, and study skills. I pride myself in helping students learn how to learn, scaffolding them toward success, and breaking complexities down into accessible units of information.


In my spare time, I enjoy backpacking, rock climbing, video games and am an avid Bay Area sports fan.

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